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At SeaView Preschool, we believe in the holistic development of each child. We believe in using intentional teaching to scaffold children's learning in a play-based curriculum, which allows for children to become independent learners who can confidently make choices, solve problems and are supported to guide their own learning. We believe that guiding children in their social and emotional development, and supporting them to develop life long values and skills to be independent,  is just as important as guiding their cognitive and academic development. Whilst we offer a rich 'school readiness' program, we believe that on a daily basis our children are being equipped with skills, not only to be ready for their transition to school, but with skills for life. 

Please read the following Parent Testimonial to hear more about our centre and the program we provide.

"If I could wish anything for my 3 children among the top things would be that they knew they were loved, that they were kind and that they had a love of learning. SeaView Preschool has helped my children in all 3 areas.

The educators make the time to get to know each child and they develop lasting relationships, with not only the children, but the families as well. My boys are at primary school now, but they’re still excited to visit their preschool teachers and are always greeted with love.

My daughter attends 4 days a week and I know that all of the teachers know her well and she has a beautiful relationship with each of them.

The programs the educators have developed are fabulous. I’m always amazed at the planning that goes into their programs, yet the educators are so flexible and able to nurture individual interests.

The social and emotional curriculum is just as impressive. SeaView explicitly teaches and helps the children develop their social skills.

Each year the educators at SeaView outdo themselves and they send their students off to big school ready to take the next step in their education.

I feel so lucky that my children have had such a wonderful start to their education"

 -Michelle McColl   

BEST PRESCHOOL HANDS DOWN!! The SeaView crew are like a second family for all of the children lucky enough to attend. Not only do they love them like their own but the school readiness program is second to none and all of the staff are smart, caring genuinely lovely girls! It makes me so happy when my son skips through the gate and waves me off with a big smile and I know he is happy, well cared for and in a beautiful learning environment ready to thrive!

Summa Fullagar

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